Born in Wuerzburg, Germany, Silvia Hillmann traveled extensively before landing at the epicenter of New York fashion. Drawing inspiration from the cultures and costumes encountered in her travels, Silvia’s aesthetic is an eclectic hybrid that understands the physics of garments and thus allows forms to naturally evolve into designs that are both innovative and functional.  

Hillmann earned a degree in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion, where she developed her own vision while working with Boudicca and leather jeweler, Edward Griffiths. Relocating to New York, Silvia designed for Morgane Le Fay before launching an independent venture.  For three years, her vibrant, contemporary women’s line, Pepper + Pistol, adorned the most urbane editors and fashion-forward celebrities, making a name for Hillmann among the fashion enthusiasts.

Recently, Silvia’s aesthetic has refined into a sophisticated obsession with high-quality fabrics, exquisite finishes and exceptionally detailed construction. The Silvia Hillmann collection is distinctly feminine, versatile, and pivoting on the art of design. Silk, light jersey, fine cottons and winter wool jersey sustain a practice for Silvia to tame wild beauty into a wearable wardrobe for the modern woman.